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wordlists 1.0

Build a Powerful Vocabulary with Ease

GMAT preparation involves learning a lot of words in the intermediate to advanced levels. A lot of word lists are available in the internet which can be used with this tool.

Vocabulary is an essential part of GRE, TOEFL, SAT, IELTS. Whether it is verbal or writing sections, direct and indirect use of vocabulary is called for. Wordlists can be used in conjuction with Barron’s, Official Guide and other similiar books.

It is CAT – the highly competitive gateway to IIMs where cracking the verbal section requires considerable effort towards building a monster vocab.

Vocabulary is required for IBPS PO, Clerk, RRB, SBI & other competitive bank exams.

More than just meaning, the effective use of words in essay writing is important for scoring in UPSC Civil Services as well as other such exams.

Vocabulary based questions  are numbered but regular in engineering exams like GATE, IES, SAIL etc.

WriteAssist 1.2

A Super-Productivity Tool for Smart People.

Highly recommended for online exam registrations. For example SAT, TOEL, GRE, IELTS, GMAT, IIT-Entrance, Medical Entrance, UPSC, GATE, IES, IBPS, SSC, NDA, AFCAT etc.

Highly recommended for professionals and job seekers applying to job boards, doing repeated resume writing, and managing professional profiles in say LinkedIn. A productivity tool for busy managers too who are obsessed with being organized and perfect in their jobs.

Online Ticket Booking related form filling.

Immigration forms related form filling. Again highly recommended for this.

Online Shopping related form filling.

Manage WordPress Websites with bookmarks, templates, short-codes and content creation in general. Applies to other CMSes and all forms of Website development.

Code assist capabilities and writing frequently used snippets in your editor or IDE of choice.

Online Marketing – Managing multiple pages, groups, profiles by bookmarking, assisted log-in etc. Templates for posts and content creation.

General Writing which includes e-mails, articles, blog, story writing, and research paper writing.

One place to organize and launch your files, folder and applications, from anywhere, without moving them from one place to another.

One place to organize and launch your web bookmarks through Google Chrome from anywhere.

RevisionEx 1.0

An Intelligent Manager for Files, Bookmarks, Apps and eBooks.

Works great with PDFs and has external bookmarking support.

Also supports DJVU Files along with external bookmarking.

Easy bookmarking, annotating, and accessing countless youtube videos.

External bookmarking – designed for humans! because your reader app won’t be probably.

External one-liner notes for files, chapters, and pages – as many as you want.

Access Frequency Visualization.

For GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS preparation and Post Graduate Education.

For GMAT preparation and MBA Studies.

Makes a difference for acing the cut-throat competition in CAT where continuous and effective revision and practicing is mandatory to succeed.

Again makes a difference for acing the cut-throat competition in GATE, IES and other Engineering Level Exams where the syllabus is unmanageable, vast, and demanding continous practice.

For IBPS and other such competitive exams.

Highly recommended for the UPSC Civil Services Exam which is having a Goliath syllabus and requires herculean re-visioning or practice.

For learning a new programming language, or a skill like visual design or story writing say. Computer based learning is the only way in these cases so it has to be the smart way – the RevisionEx way!

Highly useful for researchers who have to organizing snippets of information from eBooks, web articles, and online references. Provides a single acess point for all documents online and offline. Annotating capabilities are also handy for research and brainstorming.

Suitable for files stored on USB Sticks, Memory Cards, and External HDDs.

Multiple periods available so that you can control the frequency of revision.

Lightly designed keeping in mind that you can use multiple instances of the application with ‘heavyweight’ applications you may require like Photoshop, MS Word, MS Project etc. Our applications are so minimal on resource usage in general that you can run  them minimized  without ever worrying about them. Our application architecture doesn’t rely on heavy frameworks or runtime libraries.

Designed to run multiple instances at the same time so that you can revise parallely on multiple topics.

Be ahead of the Crowd!

"These were developed from the outset to address real world needs. Writing a research paper and creative content, managing multiple websites, studying for higher education have all been possible with these software."
"I myself operate in a busy environment with always-up and resource-critical conditions. So the applications can run parallely and happily alongside heavyweights like say a couple of 100-tabbed chrome instances, Adobe Photoshop, Microsft Office, Visual Studio IDE etc without causing any noticeable lag."
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